Conversations with a carpenter

Today we start our exploration of the good news about Jesus as reported by Mark.

Over the next few weeks we will focus on the conversations ordinary people of the 1st Century had with Jesus. Today we set the scene.

The start of Mark’s gospel introduces this carpenter. Very quickly we learn that He is no ordinary carpenter. At His baptism by John, God the Father shows up and pronounces Jesus’ divine pedigree.

Then as Jesus launches into His three years of public ministry, He explains that in His very presence the kingdom of heaven comes near. Wherever Jesus went and whoever Jesus encountered experienced something of heaven on earth.

He is the most complete revelation of God to humanity. If we want to know God, we must take the time to know Jesus. Please accept our invitation to join us on this great quest at church over the next 12 weeks.

Stephen Semenchuk,
Senior Minister.

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