Giving Thanks

Sometimes when I watch the news on my internet feed or TV, my anxiety grows as the brokenness of the world is paraded by. I am then constantly grateful that I am not God. If I was Him, I would have given up a long time ago. The true and living God is so different. He sent His Son to fight for us, to rescue us and to die for us. I give thanks on a daily basis for His great love.

I also want to give thanks for the partners we can find in our community who will encourage us as we seek to bless our local community. St Luke’s Preschool, Anglicare and Hammondcare join us in projects and programs every week.

Today I would like to encourage you to give thanks for the government grants we have received. On Friday the Federal Member for Whitlam; the honourable Stephen Jones met with our Creative Connection ladies to celebrate the government grant that supplemented our generous donor to purchase the quilting machine. The hall space itself was heated by the air conditioners that the State government had awarded a grant for.

Please give thanks for Dave Langley and our ministry teams who did the applications work.

Finally, our Parish Council and staff give thanks for each one of you. Every person who is part of our community enriches that community.

Thank You.

Stephen Semenchuk

Senior Minister

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