The Lost Art Of Fathering

My son grew up watching The Simpsons. I hated the idea that he thought I was somehow like Homer Simpson. The media seems to portray fathers as fairly “boof-headed” and better to laugh at than to listen to.

Where do we find the role model for fathering?

God, our Heavenly Father, is the best example of positive parenthood.  Jesus gives us some insight in Luke 15 in the

so-called story of the prodigal son. In that story it is the father who is the hero.

We seem the Father go out to both his sons.

He reaches out to both his sons.

He loves both his sons.

He offers reconciliation and restoration to both his sons.

Happy Father’s Day.  Please join me in trying to express the fatherhood of God as we fulfil our calling.


Stephen Semenchuk, 

Senior Minister

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