A friend that will be there

We are more connected than ever and yet more lonely than ever before. We are hungry for community, we are hungry for friendship. For a friend that will be there in the highs and the lows, a friend who will never leave, a friend who we can trust. A friend that we might call brother.
Jesus in John 15 says what no other God has said before. Where every other God calls people servants or slaves, creatures or mortals, Jesus calls the disciples his friends. He promises to be the one who will never leave us or forsake us, the one who will pick us up when we fall, who will forgive when we fail. He is the friend which does not abandon us when life gets tough but walks into the suffering ahead of us, so that looking ahead at him, we might not get lost but continue walking one foot in front of the other on the path marked by nail scared feet.
And then he does the greatest and most challenging thing of all. He places himself in me.
So that I might be that friend to another.
Jamie Mackenzie,
Assistant Minister

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