Jesus is Control

Over the next few weeks we are diving back into the book of Romans for our inspiration at Church. Starting at Chapter 9, we will be exploring how the great news about Jesus affects our everyday life.

The gospel has two major opposing ideas in our modern world.  The first idea… that of irreligious people who see Jesus as irrelevant, sin as non-existent and the hope of humanity in just getting smarter over time.  This line of thinking doesn’t answer our biggest problems or questions and has never really worked.

The other idea opposes that though and comes from religious people who want to earn their salvation. Life is all about keeping rules and doing your duty.

God has always been more about our heart. The essence of Christianity is grace, not law.  The true Christian embraces the good news about Jesus, builds a relationship with Him and then we see the results of their faith in how they live.  We make Jesus central to our lives and then He transforms us through His word and spirit.

Stephen Semenchuk,   

Senior Minister

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April 30, 2019