Jesus is Central: To God’s Plan and Purpose

People like the idea of choice, that we have the freedom to decide to follow God or not. The concept that God has a plan and he ‘elects’ those who will be saved causes a lot of negative response.

The Bible is absolutely clear that God is never unfair! Salvation that results from God’s grace and mercy is given to those who don’t deserve it (all have sinned). Judgement and hardening of hearts is always deserved by those who do not respond to God. Salvation is never a birthright or reward for those who are worthy. It always is a gift of God’s electing love.

We will always struggle to know why God doesn’t save everyone. God loves the world yet he is just; he is merciful and yet holy; he has created us to be responsible yet he has a sovereign plan.

God is just too supernatural for us. He can be many things at once and perfectly combine these seemingly contradictory aspects of life. This side of eternity we will not know all these things, but we can know Jesus who makes sense of them all.

Stephen Semenchuk,   

Senior Minister

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