Living… Sacrifice

Everyone seems to want to get the most out of “life”. However for many of us, we get busier without necessarily living better. Today Romans 12 lays out a formula for meaningful living. Paul argues that because of Jesus our response should be to become “living sacrifices”.

Research confirms that humans are happiest when they feel dedicated to a cause that transcends themselves i.e. “giving themselves to something bigger”. Paul is clear in saying that should be God and his kingdom.

The passage calls to us, if Jesus is Central then serving him and his kingdom is central to our very selves.

Celebrate 23 years of service

Hilary Brown is retiring from her administration position on Friday the 23rd of November.

We are giving thanks for the wonderful way she has served us. She has cared for grieving families of our district, helped couples prepare for their big day and facilitated the joyous occasions of baptisms.  As well as being a key player in the running of our church.

Come on Sunday the 25th for a special morning tea following the 10am service.

Stephen Semenchuk,   

Senior Minister

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